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At CINDUTECH, we develop solutions to specific manufacturing and process challenges, delivering all ranges of services from engineering to complete equipment manufacturing and maintenance. We compromise to help you to reach your results successfully

¿What do we do?

Company dedicated to the Industrial sector, specialized in plant projects, technical service and sales of production equipment.

Test & Measurement Automation

Developing automated test systems for R&D, product development, and manufacturing end-of-line

Manufacturing Automation & Intelligence

Programming intelligent factory floor systems, including PLCs, SCADA, servos, and robotics

Embedded Development & Programming

Programming SCADA and circuit design for product development and embedded systems

Technical Service and Consultancies

We have a technical team specialized in different industrial processes

Design, Manufacture, Overhaul and Upgrade of Packaging Equipment

Fillers, Cappers, heat shrink ovens, wrappers, sorters, depalletizers and labellers

Development and Programming of embedded systems and applications

Development of products based on hardware and software, for specific challenges in industrial and operational processes

¿Do you have an industrial project?

We can help you! Our team of experienced engineers and project managers will leave you with a system up and running.


Industrial Experience

We are a Company that has more than 10 years of experience dedicated to the Industrial sector, contributing the values acquired by the extensive experience of its team and the continuous innovation that constitutes the best guarantee in quality of each of the products it offers, providing solutions in your civil, electrical and mechanical projects. Also offering high quality services that allow them to differentiate themselves from their competition.

¿Do you need to refurbished your industrial machinery?

We specialize in customizing, repairing and repowering all your industrial equipment and machinery so that you have the best performance within your industrial processes

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Address: 3352 S Semoran Blvd. 32822, Orlando. FL – USA

Email: cindutech.sales@outlook.com

We design all in one tech solution for the complex needs of the capital management industry.